FJC Visitor Information

Policy Overview

The Crystal Judson Family Justice Center is a place of help for people dealing with difficult issues in their lives. The atmosphere at the center is meant to be warm, welcoming and calming. To maintain this atmosphere, we ask our guests and their children to honor this policy.


Out of respect for the confidentiality of everyone at the center, we require that guests of the center be accompanied by center staff at all times when moving through the building, with the exception of waiting in the living room, in an interview room or using the restroom.

Kitchen Facilities

Staff or volunteers will assist guests in getting food or beverages from the kitchen. If a guest would like something from the kitchen and a volunteer or staff member is not available to help, the guest may alert the receptionist who will find someone to assist the guest as soon as possible.


Because of the busy nature of the center, there are times when multiple guests are waiting in the living room to see an advocate. While quiet conversations between guests are permitted, we ask that guests respect the privacy of one another and understand that not everyone wants to carry on a conversation.


Children are welcome at the center. There are play areas in both the living room and the meeting room areas designed specifically for our smaller guests. Please understand that the center does not provide child care and cannot be responsible for watching children in these play areas. We ask that parents monitor their children and help them enjoy their time at the center in a constructive and appropriate way.

We find that our child guests enjoy playing with the many toys available in the play area. When it is time to go, parents should help their child or children pick up the play room to make it just as fun for the next children who come along.